Bar and Grill

Looking for some friendly company and some good food and/or drink?

Stop in the clubhouse for a burger, hot dog, chips, soda, beer or wine, etc..


Hamburger 3.50
Hot Dog 2.50
Bratwurst 3.50

Above served with chips, pickle and choice of toppings

Baked Potato 3.00

Choice of toppings: Butter, Sour Cream, Cheese, Bacon or Chili

Chili (bowl) 3.00


Soda 1.25
Water 1.00
Gatorade 1.75
V8 Juice 1.25
Beer (can) 1.50
Beer (draft) 1.50
Beer (pitcher) 6.00
ODouls 2.00
Wine (glass) 2.00
Wine Cooler 2.00

Beer (6-pack to go) 9.00

Complimentary popcorn served daily!